How long will it take for me to receive my product?

All products/garments are handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail; so you can be sure that you're getting something truly unique.  It will take anywhere between 1-4 weeks to create the garment. Please see the product description for the exact estimation.

Traditional fashion manufacturing often results in overproduction and unsold inventory, which contributes to textile waste. "Made to order" sustainable fashion helps minimize waste by producing garments only when there is a confirmed customer order.

Can I request a custom colour?

Yes, yes & yes!  - I love variety when creating, so if you see a piece that you love, but the colour is just not right for you; please send a contact form with your request which I will respond to within 24 hours.

My garment looks a little different from the one on the website, why is this?

Due to the handmade nature of my products, please keep in mind that each piece may vary slightly in appearance. I think that's part of the charm!

Standard sizes don't seem to fit me, can I still order?

You can indeed, please contact us so that you can advise us of your exact measurements.